Les domaines d'expertise de VMI


VMI is nowadays one of the rare companies in the world able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that is perfectly adapted to the mixture of the most varied raw materials. Drawing our origins in the development of baking mixers which are the most widely used by French craftsmen today, we have since then extended our know-how in the service of industries for which the kneading, blending, mixing, homogenization, dispersion or emulsion constitute important steps in their manufacturing processes. The complementarities of these areas of expertise and the synergies they include have forged, year after year, the knowledge that we acquired from each of them. It is through this that we draw our inspiration at the service of our innovations.
VMI is the symbol of quality in the bread-making industry, and we now offer a range of mixers and beaters, traditional and industrial, that is the most comprehensive in the world. Our know-how in the art of mixing is also revealed by the supply of systems perfectly suited to a wide range of activities : bakery craft men and industrialists, catering and central kitchens, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and coating. VMI mixing machines stand out for their innovations, their performance and their adaptation to the specificities of each type of production. Today, productivity, reliability and profitability of VMI mixing solutions are recognized by its customers, anywhere in the world. Whether a solution for craft kneading, for stirring or for a complete mixing system, at a laboratory or production scale, every need finds its solution with VMI, The Mixing Company.


VMI focuses its energy and expertise on four strategic markets, where the company confirms its role as a leading player. Discover the mixing solutions of VMI dedicated to each of these markets: See the video >>