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Vacuum mixing systems


The Verymix III line asserts a versatility of use and an incomparable accuracy of work. Its flexible, powerful and regular mixing associated with the use of vacuum can act softly on the structure of the dough and the final product. It can act on the texture of the crumb, its elasticity, its aromas and body. The production of English loaf, buns and biscuits is thus optimized.  The Verymix III series knows how to combine productivity constraints, quality requirements and unlimited reproducibility, thanks to a total control of mixing settings which make of them multipurpose tools par excellence. They assert themselves today, for example, as perfectly referenced mixers for the production of premium frozen Viennese pastries.
The necessities of cleaning and maintenance were largely taken into account by the VMI research departments, when designing the Verymix III.


  • Triple-jacketed bowl with liquid cooling
  • Automatic emptying of bowl
  • Air circulation in the bowl during mixing
  • Vacuum dough mixing (until -0.8 bar relative)
  • Mixing Control by energy measuring (Wh/Kg)
  • Automated washing system
  • Automated and dynamic control interface
  • Productions traceability

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Réf. Capacity Pictogramme
Verymix III Labo 40 Kg dough / Batch
Verymix III - 275 275 Kg dough / Batch
Verymix III - 375 375 Kg dough / Batch
Verymix III - 500 500 Kg dough / Batch
Verymix III - 600 600 Kg dough / Batch