Chemistry – Coating: optimized manufacturing processes for the chemistry and laboratory industry

The needs of the chemical industry are linked to the capacity of innovation. It is one of VMI's primary goals. This ability is the result of a steady progress by the company who supports its clients by optimizing their processes of production day after day.

The VMI's equipment is highly reliable and benefits of the major advances made by VMI in the mixing and coating field. These advances are materialized by patents registered by VMI obtained thanks to the work of the company's research and development teams.

Mixers for all products and all productions: the expertise of VMI at the service of the chemical industry

VMI offers a full range of mixers: continuous mixers, planetary mixers, bitumen mixers or production units. All are innovative equipment, designed to meet the needs of the agribusiness or pharmaceutical chemical manufacturing processes.

Continuous mixers: an alternative to batch mixing

For more important productions (from a few hundred to several tens of thousands litres per hour), continuous mixers represents an interesting option against batch mixing technics.

Production units and reactants: the Supermix II and Multimix ranges at the core of production devices

The Multimix and Supermix II equipment are mixers with adjustable head, specially designed to perform filler dispersions within liquids, such as usually implemented for the manufacturing of paints, inks, polish and other type of coating.

A comprehensive range of agitators for quality mixing operations: VMI's know-how

Laboratories and chemistry professionals depend on performing and highly reliable equipment. VMI's agitators answer to these goals by ensuring custom settings, accurate measurement and optimal mixing operations.

Agitators adapted to research and development works and reliability by VMI

The adjustable agitators (Mobimix and Supermix ranges) and VMI's laboratory mixers (Supertest, Air Supertest and R51) are the ideal machines for laboratory work for the chemical and agribusiness industries.

All the VMI's agitators benefit from a know-how in exclusive and highly performing mixing, perfect for bench-top formulation tests and pilot extrapolations.