Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals : state-of-the-art professional agitators and mixing machines by VMI

The VMI's expertise, collected from baking kneaders, is today a developed know-how at the service of industrials involved in mixing various raw materials. VMI's stirrings, mixers and homogenizers are known for being high-performing with respect to production, reliability and profitability.

An optimized stirring with the comprehensive range of VMI's stirrings

Each process is carefully studied by the company's teams to set the VMI's agitators according to each need. Laboratory agitators and industrial mixers also benefit from the know-how of the company in mixing.

Simple agitators: a  know-how of fifty years

With more than half a century of expertise, VMI designs and manufactures a range of performing agitators for optimal mixing operations.

Adjustable agitators, VMI's speciality

The Mobimix range is specifically designed for industrial applications of small quantities or for pilot mixtures.

A tailor-made offer of mixers: VMI's answer to laboratories and industrials exigencies

A mixture of quality and homogeneous, which meets the needs of each laboratory or industry related to the cosmetics – pharmaceutical industry, this is the answer offered by VMI and its expertise with professional machines: mixers, continuous mixers, planetary mixers…

A range of innovative mixers, optimised for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry

VMI designs and manufactures highly reliable mixers, optimized on a daily basis by the technical innovation provided by the company's research & development team. VMI's clients can rely on a devoted team that will meet the needs of every type of production.

Mixing machines that adapts to each need, everywhere in the world: global solutions by VMI

VMI offers its clients tailor-made equipment solutions which include in the production process a comprehensive reflection about each mixing phase.

VMI's platforms of production: VMI's industrial reflection about the production process

The platforms of production installed by VMI around the world guarantee all responses in terms of reliability, productivity and innovation to meet the needs of all the industrials of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Vacuum homogenizers by VMI: a particular attention for products with complex rheology

VMI offers to cosmetics and pharmaceutical industrials vacuum homogenizers combining productivity and quality. They meet the exigencies of intensive products such as laboratory formulation operations. Three ranges are now offered by VMI : TRILAB, TRIMIX and MISCEO.

VMI laboratory mixers: performing bench-top instruments and a controlled extrapolation toward the industry

Laboratories need equipment specifically designed to control each stage in research and development. VMI offers its clients a full range of instruments adapted to the wished processes. Bench-top agitators, Turbotest, laboratory mixing arm, Trilab mixers or planetary mixers. VMI and Rayneri designed the most performing equipment to meet the needs of laboratories… and industrials.

The Turbotest bench-top agitator: an unparalleled mixer for laboratory formulations

To perform bench-top formulation tests, quality tests, to develop new products or procedures, laboratories can rely on the Turbotest bench-top agitator from Rayneri, a unique and unparalleled equipment for a controlled extrapolation toward the industry.

Trilab, the laboratory mixer in production conditions: pilot type results directly extrapolated at the industrial scale

Trilab is the solution offered by VMI to perform pilot mixtures in production conditions within laboratories. Controlled pilot type results which allow an immediate extrapolation at the industrial scale.