Industrial Bakery and industrial Pastry: an efficient solution for bread-making professionals

Bread-making professionals need a consistent quality and to reproduce a recipe identically, whatever its complexity in the industrial sector. VMI's technology offers a range of equipment designed to ensure kneading results in response to these issues.

A performing range of industrial equipment for bakery and pastry industries

VMI offers several type of kneaders designed for bread-making professionals: industrial equipment reproducing the traditional spirit of manufacturing large amount of kneaded dough but also continuous kneading systems, in-line carousels or vacuum mixing systems for example.

Professional kneader and industrial bakery equipment: VMI at the service of every industrials

With a strong know-how in traditional bakery-pastry kneaders, VMI offers its expertise at the service of bread-making professionals with a wide range of kneaders designed for all types of industrial production: spiral mixers, planetary mixers, in-line carousels…

Solutions tailored to each issue to ensure an optimal productivity and the respect of the basics in kneading.

Kneading systems by VMI: a production of quality optimized for industrials

All the VMI's equipment offered to industrials specialized in bread-making meets the exigencies of the industry: quality, productivity and steadiness.

Carousels and kneading systems: the guarantee of an optimal and traditional production for industrials

Industrial kneaders, in-line carousels and kneading systems of the company offer guarantees in production (up to several tons of dough per hour) but also in terms of quality, thanks to  the constant work in research and development aiming to always better understand and mastering the kneading.

Kneaders from ranges offered by VMI to industrials are flexible equipment, designed to measure, program, adjust the recipes of each products. And to perfectly reproduce them every day.