Bakery-Pastry Equipment : VMI’s quality at the service of craftsmen

VMI develops for almost two centuries the most performing equipment in baking - pastry kneading and mixing. A French know-how from a passion shared with professionals : a good bread.

To equip bakery-pastry craftsmen with kneaders or mixers of quality: VMI's primary goal

VMI provides since 1845 the best French kneaders, a unique know-how, developed today with a full range of kneaders and mixers aiming at bakers – pastry cook craftsmen. 

VMI offers to bread or pastry professionals' high-quality results each day of the week. The basis for a loyal clientele and a reputed craftsman.

Professional kneaders to meet the exigencies at each manufacturing stage

High quality bread comes first from a well prepared dough, aerated, and carefully kneaded. This is the guarantee of VMI's kneaders. For small or big kneading, or both, a professional kneader adapted to your needs exists in the VMI's range of products:

MAHOT kneaders : tradition by excellence

The French traditional kneader, the guarantee of a high quality dough, reproducible thanks to a machine acclaimed by baker-pastry cook craftsmen since 1960.

Fork mixers : know-how and productivity

A full range of kneaders to preserve productivity and French kneading tradition. VMI's fork kneaders ensure a great versatility during the manufacturing of classic dough (French baguettes) or special breads.

Spiral mixers: Berto by VMI

The kneaders Berto by VMI are cost-effective, adjustable (fixed bowl, removable bowl, self-dumping) and versatile equipment which allow the manufacturing of any type of bread with great ease of use.

Optimized blenders and mixers for pastry professionals

Bakers, pastry cooks and caterers are also at the core of these issues concerning the manufacturing of high quality products. VMI offers a range of performing and ergonomic equipment to facilitate the preparation of special breads or pastries.

Leaven dough machines : time saving and optimum quality

VMI's leaven dough machines allow bakers-pastry cooks to save time on a daily basis with the mixing, maturing and conservation of the leaven or sponge.

Blenders and mixers : productivity and respect of the product

For communities, CHR or caterers, VMI offers a comprehensive range of blenders – mixers to optimize the working time of products for communities, caterer or restoration.