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Process vessel

VMI offers a wide range of manufacturing stations (formulation bowls, dissolution bowls, suspension bowls, storage bowls, heaters) aligning a blending system at 1, 2 or 3 movements as required and a bowl equipped with specific functionalities: - vacuum / pressure- heating / cooling- spring balance.

  • The simple agitators are made from the range of VMI-Rayneri agitators, according to the specificity of the mixture to achieve.

  • The product agitations of more complex rheology and/or implementing thermal exchanges can be achieved by systems of the Multimix line.

  • The products requiring a simultaneous action of circulation and shearing effects can be obtained from the Trimix range of machines, combining the effect of a central agitator, a bowl scraper and an emulsifier/disperser in bottom ofvessel.

  • The all stainless steel heaters proposed by VMI, designed for melting of blocks, sequins, etc., integrate an electrical heating as well as an agitation of anchor type promoting thermal exchange. The ergonomic design of these heaters allows easy block loading, and they can evolve into real temperature-controlled bowls, integrating an optional disperser or a cooler.
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