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Multimix 300 litres

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Mixers for dispersion

The mixing of very thick products and the dispersion of highly loaded ingredients are complex subjects that have been VMI's specialty  for many years.

  • The Supermix II, have been specially designed to achieve dispersions of solids in liquids, such as typically used in the manufacture of paints, inks, varnishes and other covering coatings.

  • The adjustable Multimix, dual coaxial movement blenders (slow/slow or slow/fast) mounted on an adjustable head allow the pasting and the dispersal of high viscosity products. Their fixed cover allows them to work in vacuum mode or under pressure.

Combining the characteristics of a slow agitation to a rapid agitation, Dual Rotor Dispersers (DRD) are the production tools par excellence for  plastisol, inks, mastics or complex coating products. They are made of a pendular tool of slow mixing (butterfly type), homogenizing the product without heating it, and of a second off center shaft, equipped with a radial flow blade (deflocculator type for example), favoring the dispersion of solid particles within the viscous mixture.

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