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Laboratory mixer TURBOTEST evo

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Laboratory mixers

Laboratory mixers proposed by VMI, are suitable for their research and development works: tests on bench formulation and pilot extrapolations. Coupled with a wide range of turbines and propellers adapted to the desired processes, these devices are designed to reconcile maximal ergonomics for the operator, a very high level of safety and an impeccable quality of mixtures.

  • Turbotest evo is the bench mixer par excellence. It is the essential tool for any bench testing, formulation, quality tests, new product development, and new processes improvements. It has no equivalent for the extrapolation tasks from the laboratory to industrial manufacturing and enables the validation of the turbine types and speed ranges depending on the rheology of the product being processed.

  • Air Supertest is a laboratory mixer compatible with ATEX regulations (perfect command of risks linked to explosive atmospheres) offering the flexibility and necessary power for the agitation of the most complex products.

  • Trilab authorizes mixtures in the laboratory under production conditions, particularly in a controlled atmosphere, and hence brings together pilot results directly scalable to production levels. It consists of three types of coaxial agitation: 1 central agitation movement, 1 scraping movement and 1 rotor/stator in vessel bottom. It may optionally be equipped with an integrated melter (Hotlab)

  • The R51 planetary blender with a capacity of 5 liters is specially adapted to standardized tests according to norm EN 196-1 made with a paddle of stainless steel 304L crossing files. Other tests may also be conducted with tools of spiral or hook types. The R51 SV version allows conducting vacuum testing.

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Réf. Capacity Max. Power Speeds Main Characteristics Pictogramme Pictogramme
TURBOTEST evo From 200 ml to 20 liters 0,44 kW From 50 to 3300 rpm
  • A choice of tools among 18 turbines/propellers/rotors
  • LCD display for speed, time and torque
  • Automatic multi-step cycle programming
  • Some of the most accomplished ergonomics and security
Air Supertest From 200 ml to 20 liters 0,75 kW From 250 to 3000 rpm
  • A choice of tools among 18 turbines/propellers/rotors
  • Ergonomics and safely of the most accomplished
  • Air motor for ATEX environment
  • Temperature sensor (optional)
Trilab 5, 10 or 50 liters
  • Bowl: Pressure 0,5 bar relative - Vacuum 40 mb absolute (with regulator), stable temperature of 100° C
  • Tactile control board
  • Cover closing with manual locking ring and inflatable joint
  • Bowl and blending tools in AISI 316 L
  • Double jacket in AISI 304 L
  • Manual emptying valve with diaphragm
  • Manual vacuum gas injection valve in bowl base
R51 5 liters 0,45 kW Satellisation = 57 and 115 rpm
  • 2 speeds (optional speed regulator)
  • Security grid
  • Possible addition while mixing
  • Stainless steel horseshoe bowl 304L, polished finishing grain 80 (optional electro-polishing)
  • Possible vacuum until -0,9 bar (version R51 SV)