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KNEADSTER is the result of VMI research, featuring an exclusive double tool design. The increase in the diameter of the tools, their shape, and their position in the bowl allow for even more consistent mixing. In particular the movement transferred by the tools to the dough has been studied, in order to facilitate the creation of gas bubbles, and therefore better aerate and degas the dough. These changes allow for slower kneading. With less effort to produce, the machine lasts longer and is more reliable.


With the mixer KNEADSTER, master your recipes on all major families of dough: white bread, english bread, traditional bread, viennese pastry, brioche and cookies. KNEADSTER will master your process, on the 5 key elements of kneading, for optimum quality: extension, shearing, air incorporation, compression, kneading intensity. 

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Réf. Dough capacity Tool power Height Width Depth Pictogramme
KN250 250 kg 37 kW 2500 mm 1180 mm 2192 mm catalogue/BVP_Industrielle/Kneadster_2016/kneadster_presentation_en.pdf
KN450 450 kg 60 kW 3126 mm 1420 mm 2682 mm catalogue/BVP_Industrielle/Kneadster_2016/kneadster_presentation_en.pdf