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Axoplus 95

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Fork mixers for special breads

Fork mixer for special bread,AXOPLUS 95, innovates thanks to its new polyvalent fork, its ease of use, its ease of service and maintenance. Without forgetting that it respects the baker's working environment.


A lot of artisan bakers feel attached to the quality brought to the dough by French style fork mixers. But so far they could not benefit from this technology for small quantities of dough. VMI has designed  the fork mixer AXOPLUS as an answer to this need, improving in the same time the easiness and safety of use:



  • A new fork and a motorized bowl for the Evolution model to better knead all kinds of dough even in small quantities,
  • A heightened chassis, the electrical lifting of the arm (Evolution model), and an intuitive control panel to ease the use,
  • A well adapted design, an ABS casing and wheels (in standard on the Evolution model) for an easy service and maintenance,
  • A solid and transparent bowl cover, noiseless motors with low energy consumption, to respect the working environment.
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Réf. Capacity Power Liftable Head Time switch Bowl Pictogramme Pictogramme
AXOPLUS 95 Evolution From 4,4 to 48 kg of dough 2 kW Electrical Numerical Motorized
AXOPLUS 95 SEW From 4,8 to 48 kg of dough 2 kW Electrical Numerical Motorized