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CONTINUUM is the first kneader specifically designed for the loaves, buns and soft dough industry. Their recipes are reconsidered to meet the new customer's needs in terms of gustative and nutritional quality. These revolutions impose the change of the processes' technology of these products. With CONTINUUM, the gain of dough's softness is significant, and those who could test these new productions referred to them as premium.


CONTINUUM masters all the kneading settings and their interaction:

- Thermal exchange thanks to the double jacket

- Mechanical stress on the dough (tool shape, shearing effects, stretching, etc.)

- High level of specific mechanical energy

- Filling rate of the mixing chamber

- Dough aeration (vacuum-pression-other gas)


Cell density, size and homogeneity offer a better softness. Resistance and resilience of the walls between the cells allow an extended shelf-life bread.


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