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Continuous mixing systems

Through the continuous mixers, VMI has succeeded, year after year, to transfer all its know-how of traditional dough mixing, acquired through its success with craftsmen bakers, to the industrial field. The mastery of the various parameters and phenomena involved during dough mixing, has enabled us to adapt this know-how to mixers which are much better suited to the production of several tons of dough per hour. Combined to the implementation of one of the most reliable technologies and a very good knowledge of all stages of bread-making, this mixing expertise made of VMI continuous mixers among the best performing mixers in the world.  

A major innovation signed VMI, the Verymix mixer continuously masters the technique of mixing and guarantees a stable quality. Equipped with constant weight feeders, an independent arm, a kneading arm mixer optimized for each type of production, it facilitates the most demanding productions in terms of rate, quality and consistency of produced dough. The formulation of recipes, dosing, planning, monitoring guidelines and traceability are managed from a supervisory screen.  

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Réf. Capacity General characteristics Pictogramme
VeryMix From 300 to 8000 Kg dough / Hou
  • Triple-jacketed bowl with liquid cooling
  • Automated washing system
  • Automated and dynamic control interface
  • Productions traceability