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Ancillary systems

In order to perfectly integrate its blending and mixing solutions to the complete manufacturing chains of industrialists, VMI provides a variety of annex systems enhancing the flexibility of use of its offerings.


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Réf. Description
Rest Units Rest units for mixer bowls, controlled by timers or terminal operator
Mixer Accessories
  • Mixed tools : 1 round spiral, 1,5 round spiral, spiral paddle, paddle, whip, spiral whip
  • Ingredient bin allowing the automatic introduction of small quantities of ingredients while blending
  • Injection of CO2 with or without thermal control
Turners and Hoists
  • Hydraulic turners of VMI mixer bowls with or without elevation
  • Chain hoists for Europ bins and beaters
  • Simple or double mast hoists for mixer bowl
Hoppers and mats
  • Pneumatic hoppers, portioning hoppers or dosing hoppers
  • Dough transportation mat, simple or reinforced dough hoist, or of bulging rim dosage