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Flexible and cost-effective mixing?
Now you can!

Cuves fixes Berto

Fixed bowl

Speed & Compactness

Spiral mixers with a fixed bowl, suitable for bakeries, pastry shops and pizza-restaurants.

Cuves amovibles Berto

Removable bowl

For modular and versatile solutions

Spiral mixers with a removable bowl, offers the advantage of using more than one bowl to increase production output and reduce production times.

Autobasculants Berto


User comfort and space optimized

Spiral mixers with a fixed bowl which can be lifted and tilted to assist in emptying out the dough.

Elévateurs Berto

Bowl elevator

Automation & Ergonomics

Elevators for removable bowls.

Read our latest news >> Berto by VMI

Berto by VMI is our entry-level range of spiral mixers for bakeries and semi-industrial bakery laboratories.

VMI has now integrated the production of these spiral mixers in its manufacturing plant in France. Its strong experience of more than 60 years in offering mixing solutions for artisan and industrial bakers, allows the company to meet particular customer’s needs. From versatile mixers to modular solutions to be integrated in semi- or complete automated production lines, Berto by VMI will assist you in developing your products and will give you a customized answer.

To ensure the quality, reliability, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness that established the reputation of theses mixers, VMI teams work according to five guiding principles: >>>

1. Flexibility,
which permits the company to meet its clients' requests, both in terms of product availability and delivery,
2. Ongoing innovation,
to keep up with the evolution and meet the demands of the dough mixer market,
3. Elevated production,
which permits the company to offer the price/quality ratio expected by its clients,
4. Constant monitoring of safety standards
and ergonomics of the machines, plus above all,
5. Ensuring particular attention
is paid to the service offered to our clients.